Who We Are

Brand Philosophy


Without the heart, no one can continue to function.

Everyone has a heart, and we believe that we ought to make our heart stronger in every possible way. And so we present you – CARDIOVASCULAR™.

Our logo was inspired by the ancient Chinese Pictograph (心). It’s amazing to discover that they understood the structure of the human heart more than 3000 years ago. We adopted it and modernized it. What better colour to choose – Maroon, representing the richly oxygenated blood, which brings life.

It is our vision to see a society leading a healthy lifestyle. “Action speaks louder than words”, we all know the importance of exercising, but getting to do it can seems rather demotivating or daunting for many.

CARDIOVASCULAR™ is here to celebrate and inspire, so that those good vibes on fitness reaches you.

From fitness journals, short films, apparels, and so on – we will invade every sphere to form a compelling culture of fitness. For we believe in the power of creative and innovative works of art. They challenge and persuade us to contemplate deeper on why we do what we do.

 Let us utilize our God-given physique to the fullest!

CARDIOVASCULAR™ is also taking little steps towards a greener earth. Currently, we are constantly innovating our packaging method and making sure everything that you are receiving is reusable in other innovative ways. Through this, it is our hope to reduce waste.

We are working closely with our manufacturers in trying our very best to exclude clothe labels in our merchandise, and opt for direct printing whenever that’s possible. Feel free to drop us feedback in contributing creative ideas in playing our part for future generations to come.